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Inspirational Quote:

Inspirational Quotes: “God never said that the journey would be easy, but He did say that the arrival would be worthwhile” – Max Lucado

  Upcoming Events 2019


 January 12 – Holy Communion 11 am

 January 19 – Holy Communion 11 am
 January 26 – Holy Communion 11 am
 February 2 – Holy Communion 11 am

 February 6-8 – Episcopal Council in Waco 


 NA meetings in Parish Hall

                             Every Tuesday  and Thursday from 6-7 pm           Saturday 12-1 pm  



 In the Parish Hall you will find a jar to put "Box-tops for Education" in.  If you already collect for a school, please continue to do so.  If you do not, please start collecting, trimming, and dropping off.  We will take them to Grace United Methodist Church for their kindergarten community.

  The Casa location of Refuge Ministries is in need of clean, dry, plastic bags (Wal-Mart, HEB, CVS bags) for when they distribute food.  This is the same church that we partner with for Shoozapalooza in August. 

   The Cove House Medical Clinic (under the umbrella of the Cove House Emergency Homeless Shelter needs plastic medicine bottles with lids.  Please remove your labels and put them in the basket in the Parish Hall and we will deliver once a month or so.

   If you would like to attend craft day it is from 11 to 2 on Thursdays at St Martin's Parish Hall.  You may bring your own craft and socialize or just show up.  We try to have a different craft project with sample each week.