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Is it Episcopal? Or Episcopalian?

We Episcopalians, who belong to the Episcopal Church sometimes have trouble describing who or what we are. Here’s how it works: Episcopal is an adjective, as in we belong to the Episcopal Church. Episcopalian is a noun, as in we are Episcopalians. Just a little language fun from your Episcopal priest who loves all you Episcopalians.


St. Martin's is a diverse, welcoming, family friendly church. Through our outreach programs we strive to serve those within our church family, as well as those outside its walls. Our stated mission is to "share God's love and grace with all our neighbors," and we do that through various ministries.


The church is open to various groups throughout the week:

  •  NA Meeting: Tuesday, Thursday 6:30pm- 7:30pm and Saturday 12pm- 1pm
  • MS Meeting: 3rd Monday of every month 6pm- 8pm
  • For the Fall 2018 session, St.Martin's has partnered with LULAC in offering Citizenship Classes to the Copperas Cove area.

We support with a monthly monetary donation and with volunteers:

  •  Copperas Cove Soup Kitchen - Each month our youth Group Shop for our local Soup Kitchen

  • Our volunteers conduct service in local nursing homes on Ash Wednesday, Easter, and at Christmas (Caroling)


Once a year, in October, the church holds a giant Outreach Rummage Sale.  Proceeds to go buy Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for needy families from our adopted elementary school in Copperas Cove. 


On November 14th we delivered 25 Turkey baskets to our adopted school.

Big thank you to all in helping purchasing the items to packing and delivering them to Mr.Isaac at the school.